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Running a traditional real estate team is seen as the next best step for high achievers, but it comes with its share of challenges, with profits being a significant pain point. The dilemma intensifies as top-performing agents aim to graduate, often leaving behind less experienced agents who may not share the same commitment to work. However, a solution emerges in the form of a modern real estate team, that can only be done within the EXP model. The EXP model streamlines recruiting, as agents are attracted to join based on its innovative approach. Within this model, support is provided to assist agents in navigating challenges. Whether you are an agent looking to start a modern real estate team or looking to join one, click below for a 30-minute consultation. Let's talk about the possibilities and opportunities that may forever change the way you do business.


With over 2 decades in Real Estate, Rick has enriched and touched many real estate professionals.

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“Learn how to have an exit strategy in real estate.”