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Learn how to build a modern real estate team with eXp Realty.

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Are you a motivated, coachable, and forward-thinking real estate agent looking to kick start your business or take it to the next level? The RYZE Group introduces a modern approach that deviates from the conventional team structure. Unlike traditional teams that require long-term commitment, often involving relinquishing all rights and control to your business, Ryze’s innovative model only requires you to stay for your first few transactions. During this period, you will benefit from 1-on-1 mentorship, shadowing, exclusive access to all marketing material and presentations, and assistance with setting up your systems. With a unique commission structure, support, and valuable resources, Ryze is strategically designed to pave the way for your success.

Here at Ryze we just want to be part of your journey, we don’t want to be your story. Don't miss out on this chance to become a part of The RYZE Group family. Click below to learn more.

Starting a team

You're probably here because you’ve been considering starting your own team. Running a traditional real estate team is seen as the next best step for high achievers, but it comes with its share of challenges, with profits being a significant pain point. And with all the stuff you need to juggle when starting and running a real estate team—like marketing, admin salary, presentations, checklists, systems, and getting the right people on board—it's no wonder why most teams fail.The dilemma intensifies as top-performing agents aim to graduate, often leaving behind less experienced agents who may not share the same commitment to work. However, I have found a solution in the form of a modern real estate team, that can only be done within the EXP model. With the modern team structure your expenses are significantly lower, resulting in much higher profit margins. Additionally, the EXP model streamlines recruiting, as agents are attracted to join based on its innovative approach. Within this model, support is provided to assist agents in navigating challenges and build their business as they graduate and make room for new agents to come in.

We are now offering the blueprint to help realtors duplicate what we have built. No need for trial and error or starting from scratch. Book a consultation and let's talk about the possibilities and opportunities that may forever change the way you do business.


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