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Revenue Share

eXp Realty Revenue Share is an exciting opportunity for realtors, brokers, and team leaders from all over the world to earn an additional income stream while still earning commissions from selling real estate.

How revenue share works

eXp Realty operates as one global cloud-based real estate brokerage and does not sell franchises. This new business model drastically reduces EXP's operational costs compared to the traditional brick and mortar franchise brokerage. This allows the company to leverage these savings to offer their agents and brokers a percentage of the revenue generated as compensation for helping them grow the company with each realtor you bring into the organization.

$16,000 CAP

Level eXp Rev Share

In EXP, all agents globally pay a portion of their commission to EXP, up to a max of $16,000 within a year (this is called your cap). Once the realtor has paid up to the capped amount they are then able to keep 100% of any commission until it resets on their anniversary date. EXP allocates a portion of this revenue to a pool, known as the "revenue share pool. Realtors who attract (aka sponsor) new agents into eXp Realty become eligible for a share of the revenue share pool .

Now let's break down how this works. Suppose I, as an EXP agent, collaborate with a realtor named Melissa from Century 21 on a successful deal. She sees the benefits of EXP and decides to join. Mellissa will then be on my level one. When Melissa begins to generate revenue for EXP, in recognition of my contribution to bringing Melissa into the company, EXP rewards me with a portion of the revenue they receive from Mellissa, up to $2,800 annually. Now, lets say Melissa brings in her cousins, Tim and Steve, who will then be on my level two. I will then receive an additional compensation from any revenue EXP receives from them , up to $3,200 annually for each person. This continues down seven levels and creates what we call the compounding effect.

Why is Revenue Share important?


Residual income plays a crucial role for real estate agents, particularly through Revenue Share. Many agents dedicate years to their profession, yet often find themselves with little to show for it in the end, as the commissions earned are typically spent throughout their lives.

In contrast, the Revenue Share program at eXp Realty stands out. In addition to commission earned or even after agents cease active real estate sales, realtors can generate income through this program. This offers a source of passive income without minimal active involvement.


Exp realty provides multiple streams of income: commission, stocks, and revenue share. This allows realtors to better plan for their financial needs during fluctuating markets and future retirement.

We all know that as real estate agents and brokers, we have bad months from time to time. Even months when we may make no income at all.

Revenue Share helps to smooth out the off months and make the good months even better!

Exit strategy

As realtors we are continuously stuck on a transaction treadmill with no clear path to retirement. No matter the amount of commission that a realtor earns in a given year, January 1st of the following year, all realtors start back at zero. Exp's revenue share program provides realtors with a way out, providing financial security in your later years or retirement. The days of being only as good as your last sale are gone!

Compounding effect

Banks and financial institutions love lending money to qualified individuals because of compounding interest, defined as, interest you earn on interest. Similarly, in the EXP revenue share model you earn compounding returns as you attract agents who also attract agents.

When agents introduce new members to the eXp community, they kickstart a process where each recruit becomes a vital part of what EXP calls your organization.

The money earned from the agents you attract isn't just a one-time benefit; it transforms into a force that keeps growing as more agents join, and this is when the compounding effect comes into play. As each agent you attract begin to unlock their network of agents, in turn, they bring in others, and your revenue share can grow exponentially across 7-tiers. This compounding process transforms the Revenue Share Program into a reliable engine, creating a strong foundation for long-lasting financial success.

Who can earn revenue share?

Revenue Share is paid to any real estate agent or broker with an active real estate license held by eXp Realty. It doesn’t matter if you have only been licensed for one month or 20 years. You can begin earning Revenue Share immediately.

In most real estate brokerage models, a share of the earnings is only given to the broker-owner, franchise or regional manager, or paid recruiters and team leaders. Franchising a brokerage will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the high cost of maintaining office rent, administrative salary, and marketing. At exp you can forgo all these expenses and get paid more in revenue share.

Also, there is no production requirement to earn Revenue Share. You can sell as many or as few homes a year as you would like.

Retirement Plan

Real estate agents are known for their tireless efforts, often without the guarantee of a steady income. Despite their hard work, the uncertainty of results can be defeating. A huge issue within the realtor community is the apparent lack of consideration for our future. Beyond our individual real estate investments, we often lack a plan to secure our financial well-being in retirement.

As a realtor, envision a scenario where selling properties becomes challenging or even impossible. The crucial question arises: How will you sustain yourself financially? The answer lies in the concept of revenue share and its invaluable quality of providing residual income. Revenue share is a way for realtors to plan for retirements without simply effort and no upfront cost.

Generational Wealth

The beauty of revenue share lies in its global reach, allowing you to attract agents from anywhere in the world where EXP operates. In contrast to traditional franchise models that limit agent recruitment to a specific kilometer radius.

With EXP, not only do you have the opportunity to enjoy revenue share as an additional income stream while actively selling real estate but also in your retirement. The most significant benefit is that you can pass this source of income on to your loved ones, kickstarting the creation of generational wealth. The time to start is now – laying the foundation for a financial legacy that transcends generations.

Tracking your revenue share

Transparency is one of the best things about the eXp Realty Revenue Share program. eXp Realty has built a dashboard that tells you, in real-time, exactly how much you have earned in Revenue Share throughout the month. Also, you can log in and see exactly how many agents you’ve attracted, how much production those agents have done, and your whole organization down to 7 tiers at a glance.

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